Aerial Photography for Weddings

 The Wedding Album

Aerial shots taken by  drones are rapidly becoming a ‘must-have’ for the modern couple on their big day.  Hiring a professional drone pilot/photographer  to take your wedding photos with a drone is a great way to show off your beautiful wedding venue and include all of your guests in the same shot. It’s also perfect for taking unique shots from a different perspective of  you and your brand new spouse.

The Wedding Video

If you are planning on having a wedding video made (and who isn’t these days?) then why not mix in some  drone sequences?  We will make the raw video footage available to your videographer, who can seamlessly splice the aerial shots in with the more traditional video sequences to create a unique and lasting memory of your special day.

Please contact us with the address + postcodes for the church and reception.

Please note that drone photography requires a dry day and reasonable wind speeds. In the event of it becoming obvious before the day that the weather will be unsuitable there will be no charge for cancellation. In the rare event of the photographer being on-site and the weather making drone flight impossible, then cancellation charges will be limited to £35 or the photographer’s mileage and ferry charges, whichever is greater.